Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Red and Black Stranded Sweater Pattern

I recently finished this sweater for my husband. He had seen a photo in an old Keito Dama magazine of a similar Kazekobo design and asked me to make it for him. I said sure, then I started looking more carefully at the pattern. It called for an aran weight yarn. Such a heavy yarn in a stranded sweater would make a really warm sweater for outerwear, but my husband runs hot and likes to wear his sweaters indoors. I didn't think he would wear it. It was also in a smaller size than he could wear, so I knew I would have to rechart it for him. As it turned out, the design is similar, but not the same. I couldn't make a direct translation to a gauge suitable for fingering weight yarn, so I settled for charting a design inspired by the original. I thought I'd make it available here. 

The sweater has set-in sleeves that are knitted in one piece with the body of the sweater, so it's made almost entirely in the round and requires very minimal sewing to finish. Only a short section at the top of each sleeve cap needs to be sewn into the armholes.

Here you go: